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Presets and LUTs

lively mobile presets

this pack was created to bring life and color to your images in a natural and true way 

nelson desktop presets

the nelson desktop collection was created to enhance your photos for a timeless look you will love for years to come  

nelson mobile lightroom presets

the nelson mobile collection was made to work alongside the nelson desktop collection to enhance your images between the big camera moments 

nelson LUTs

use the nelson LUT collection to edit your videos cohesively alongside your photographs using our desktop and mobile collection 

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encouraging you to capture and document the life surrounding you



the basics of videography

this course was created to teach you everything you need to know to get started in filmmaking. we share all of our best pointers and techniques for capturing clips of your family and piecing them together to create short films.  

the basics of photography

this course was created with mothers in mind. we teach you how to document your family and children. we show you how to make sure you are captured in those family photos, too. 

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"I could watch hours of this stuff! You guys are so entertaining and well spoken!"


"I love all of the tips and tricks you added into this course! Those simple little thing to help shoot with littles are amazing. I also really enjoyed seeing how you get photos of yourself and you + Eric. I have so much to practice now! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."


"Absolutely love this course! I love how the guide is so in depth and gives examples of full frame vs. crop sensor. I've always wondered about that! The video section was excellent as well. I love to see your photography in action. It really helps bring the tips and tricks to life. My photography is about to get fancy! Thank you so much!"


"As a mum of three its hard to find the time to learn new skills, thank you so much for compacting and simplifying all of this information in such a fluid way!"

Liv M.

"Love this course!!! I am hoping to be able to use this for my husband and I's 5 year anniversary!!! Thank you so much for creating this course, I have been wanting to understand how to do diy tripod family photos for a while now!!"

Leann C.

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